• Mindset

    Enhance your resilience, optimism and confidence.

  • Purpose

    Achieve a greater sense of purpose, clarity and direction.

  • Performance

    Get productive, use your strengths and achieve more.


“These courses were exactly what I needed right now. They helped me think about my life differently and realise that with some small tweaks I can be perfectly happy with what I already have. ”

Tania M.

“The courses were packed with useful information. I found it interesting to reflect on different parts of my life and was able to put things I learned straight into action. It's already made a difference to the way I'm approaching my life. Thanks. ”

Simon L.

“I am a terrible procrastinator and took the course on Time to help me break some of my bad habits. I was able to think about what caused me to put things off and change the way I'm working. It's really helped. ”

Tess. F

“I absolutely loved the course and the timing was impeccable as I was finishing a uni assessment which I was procrastinating on.”


“I thought the course was great, the downloadable resources were particularly useful and I’ve downloaded them to refer back to. The module was easy to navigate and the course was a good length - enough to be able to cover it in one session, without feeling like there was too much content to get your head around.”

Brett W.

Your Instructor

Jodi Bush

Senior Coach and Facilitator

Jodi is dedicated to helping people improve their mindset, behaviour and overall satisfaction with life. Combining 17 years of executive experience with an extensive background in coaching, facilitation and positive psychology she delivers courses that enable people to thrive both personally and professionally. Her approach reflects a belief that we need to take a "whole of life" approach to feel truly successful.